EMT Training

Acquire EMT Training through EMS Care Ambulance

EMS Care Ambulance provides several courses in EMT training to help broaden your knowledge. Some of the courses that we provide are as follows:

  • ASLS (Advanced Stroke Life Support)
  • ACSL (Advanced Cardiac Life Support)
  • BLS (Basic Life Support)
  • EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operations Course)
  • PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support)

Along with training that we provide to EMTs, we also provide a training class for the general public.

  • Heartsaver First Aid/CPR/AED

Gain your expertise

Receive the EMT training that you will need to work in a fast paced and exciting environment. Help make a difference in people’s every day lives by learning a skill that will push you to the limits. Reward yourself by providing for others. Look into EMT and Paramedic training today and join the EMS Care Ambulance team. Contact the Operations Manager for more details.